In addition to providing on-site support for most Local Area Networks (LANs) and Home Networks, our computer specialists are trained to offer advice on system specifications to fit your end needs. From determining optimum system configurations to physically setting up your computer after receipt, our technicians handle the entire process. We customize your program installations to ensure your computer will run at the fastest possible speed and maintain only necessary data. 

Our PC support gurus clean and maintain older computers, giving extended life to computer equipment for businesses and individuals at the fraction of the cost of purchasing a new PC. You won’t believe the difference this can make. From file cleanup to complete format and program reinstallation (including the operating system you were previously running), we do it all. Hardware and software upgrades are a snap to our professionals. We will gladly come to your business or residence to pick up your computer—at no additional charge--, service it off-site, and return it to you upon completion. You get the service of professionals, without having the hassle, mess, or inconvenience!

At CSG, we consider our staff to be financial engineers. Not only do we provide hardware, software, and peripheral support, but we also examine your current processes and determine if things could be completed more efficiently. Are you still using numerous modem lines for your internet access? You could possibly be saving hundreds of dollars a month through another method, AND have faster access. Are you performing mundane tasks each month that could be automated? Allow us to design macros to remove these arduous processes. Do you need customized forms for purchasing, ordering, and quoting? We’ve done this many times before, including implementing systems that automatically assign the next available project number for your forms. Why spend thousands of dollars and numerous hours on these projects when you can outsource it in some cases for hundreds?

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