Full General Ledger Services
Whether it’s for your CPA, or for your own information, no matter how small you are, all businesses need to do the “book work”. If your small business needs G/L support functions, we can help. This is a critical function that should be performed by a knowledgeable accounting professional. Managed reporting can help give direction to your organization. We will also work with your accountant to ensure that you are properly reporting taxes.
Systems Implementation
We have experience with major systems such as Oracle and JDEdwards, as well as smaller packages such as PeachTree and Microsoft Money. Our expertise is mainly in Inventory and General Ledger Functions, however, we have also tackled areas such as Fixed Assets, Purchasing, and Accounts Payable. Implementing a new system can be a nightmare, if you let it. You need someone on your side, someone who has been there, to help guide you over some of the stumbling blocks. Plus, we know where to find the answers to all the how-to questions.
Productivity Assignments
Allow us to increase employee productivity by automating tasks using Excel spreadsheets, or increased utilization of your current system. Monthly tasks often times become a “thorn in your side” every period. If we can shave 10-25% off just a few of these tasks, it could mean saving hours every month. That easily equates to dollars every period for your business.
Project Work
Use us as an extra hand during projects or peak periods to help you tackle rising workloads and keep major initiatives on track.  Augmenting the efforts of your full-time staff can also prevent them from becoming overburdened.  They will be more motivated and appreciate the extra help. When used correctly, a strategic staffing plan can improve your company’s productivity while saving money, and in the process, give you more time to grow the business.

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